Anna Hindman

Reproductive Justice (Women’s Advocacy) Coordinator

Anna Hindman (she/her) is a third-year medical student at Touro University California College of Osteopathic Medicine. At Touro, Anna researched reproductive health and fought for reproductive health curriculum reform at her school and received the Reproductive Health Poster Scholarship Award at AMSA’s 2022 Convention. She was also involved in research and advocacy leading to the removal of a racially biased technique from her medical school curriculum.

Anna’s involvement with AMSA began with the Reproductive Health Project, where she was able to connect with other students and mentors who shared her passion for reproductive justice and advocacy. Anna is joining AMSA as the Gender and Sexuality Reproductive Justice Coordinator at a crucial time, with reproductive rights under imminent threat. Now more than ever, we must reassess how we came to this point and use our knowledge and voices as future healthcare providers to protect reproductive rights for all. Anna believes that medical students are essential to the fight for reproductive justice and understands the importance and urgency of this role. She is constantly inspired by the creativity and passion of her peers and mentors and truly believes we will win this fight together.