Stephanie M. Moody-Geissler, MPH

Advocacy Coordinator

Stephanie is an M3 at St. George’s University, with a BS in Microbiology from UC San Diego and an MPH in Epidemiology and Global Health from Columbia University. Medicine is her second career after working for a decade as an infectious diseases epidemiologist. While in Sierra Leone during the 2014-2016 Ebola Outbreak, working for the WHO and CDC, Stephanie decided that disease control and prevention as an epidemiologist was not enough, she wanted to be a healer too. Stephanie plans on a career as an infectious diseases physician focusing on tropical medicine and (re)emerging infectious diseases with a strong emphasis on global health, disaster and emergency humanitarian response, and epidemiological and health system capacity building in low resource areas. Stephanie is an avid reproductive justice and abortion advocate. You can find Stephanie rock climbing, kayaking, or walking one of her foster corgis in her free time.