Jun Huh

Social Media Coordinator

Jun is currently a third year medical student pursuing studying abroad in Poland. He completed his bachelor’s at Virginia Military Institute in 2016 and worked as a personal trainer and autobody repair mechanic. He is an experienced UX/UI designer and has vast experience in digital content creation as well as content marketing. He is also a champion blackbelt in two different martial arts and lead numerous sparring sessions for all age groups. His strong foundations in social psychology and leadership helped him gain deeper insight into the profound significance of communication, empathy, as well as the imperative role of social media. Jun is passionate about improving and advocating for community health regarding issues including pharmaceutical equity, women’s health, environmental policy, and disease prevention. He is deeply committed to serving the underserved communities in healthcare and helping embolden future physicians to stand up for their patients inside and outside of the clinics and in the communities they serve.