AMSA Response to Supreme Court “Leaked Draft” Indicating Intent to Overturn Roe v. Wade

May 04, 2022


AMSA Response to Supreme Court “Leaked Draft”
Indicating Intent to Overturn Roe v. Wade 

As physicians in training, advocates, and supporters of reproductive rights and justice, AMSA is deeply concerned, though not surprised, by the draft Supreme Court decision on abortion rights that was leaked late Monday night. Those in the community who provide abortion care, assist patients, raise funds for access to care, and defend our legal rights to abortion have been preparing for this decision for some time. That preparation does not make the reality any less troubling. 

The leaked document makes clear our concerns/fears are not unfounded. Over the last many years a group of right-wing congress members, and their extremist anti-choice backers, have manipulated our system to pack the Supreme Court with judges who, for the first time in our history, are ready to take a hard-fought-for right away from over half of the people in our country.  If this document is reflective of the Court’s coming decision and Roe is indeed overturned maternal mortality rates will increase.

AMSA affirms reproductive health services are essential to comprehensive health care and we support full access to the entire range of reproductive health services, including abortion care. We believe legal, safe, voluntary abortions should be available to all who need them regardless of how much money they earn or what state they live in. 

It’s time to get politics out of the exam room!
We must:

  • Recognize abortion is a vital health care service.
  • Ensure our medical schools provide abortion training opportunities.
  • Eliminate the stigma that plagues abortion providers and those who seek their care.
  • Talk about abortion as a normal part of healthcare – because it is!
    Everyone loves someone who’s had an abortion. Tell stories; help minimize stigmas.
  • Support those challenged by unjust abortion laws in their states.
    If you have the resources, please donate to an abortion fund directly (NNAF, ACN, and local funds, including Fund Texas Choice, Yellowhammer Fund, Tampa Bay Abortion Fund, Indigenous Women Rising Abortion Fund)
  • Vote – it’s an essential action to protect our rights!
    If you are eligible, but not yet registered to vote REGISTER HERE. Then make a pledge to vote & get 5 friends to join you! 


    As a first next step AMSA calls on our U. S. Senators
    join the U.S. House of Representatives and pass The Women’s Health Protection Act!

    This legislation will ensure our patients have full access to the health care they need when they need it and protect the physicians who care for them.
    Tuesday, Senate Leader Schumer announced the senate will hold a vote next week on the Women’s Health Protection Act 
    This action will require each senator to go on the record by casting their vote to protect or remove our right to legal abortion care across the United States.

    AMSA calls on members and alumni to TAKE ACTION by contacting your U.S. Senators
    to urge swift passage of The Women’s Health Protection Act

    Call your U.S. Senators today at (202) 224-3121

    Find tips for calling your Senators and a short call script here: 
    AMSA Take Action! Call Your U.S. Senators – Pass the Women’s Health Protection Act   

    Find your own U.S. Senators official webpage here
    along with their direct DC office phone numbers & social media links
    Don’t delay, voicemail can be left 24/7

    A 2-minute phone message, short email, or social media post makes a real difference!

    Stay Tuned! More resources coming soon
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