Manikya Nagaraja

Manikya Nagaraja, MS2 student at Spartan Health Science University, St Lucia. She is an Indian by origin and was born in the IT capital of India, Bangalore City. She strongly believes, commitment and passion towards profession brings about excellence in patient care. Her goal is to achieve contention of being useful to mankind, and to provide complete and quality medical care at par with the best in the world to patients from all sections of the society along with creating awareness about the medical conditions and to address higher issues. Her undying passion for success and service in the field of medicine is sustained by five core values- compassion, integrity, professionalism, social responsibility and teamwork. Her vision as a budding doctor has always been to provide an atmosphere of learning and research and to protect the rights and dignity of patients. Research work always keeps her captivated and she loves to organise and manage events. She always wants to revel in work and aspires to take up a surgical residency in the future.